All In The Family

Every website has to start with an initial post. This is it for us.

We were motivated to create this site by the sheer diversity of our family. It is sometimes hard to believe how many people we are related to.

What’s even harder to believe is the diversity of the people we are related to. Our extended family has lawyers, priests, weight loss consultants, IT managers, marketers, cooks, teachers. You name it, our family has you covered. And each person we talk to always seems to have some kind of a crazy of fascinating story to tell. Some are educational, some funny, and some just downright weird. Yes, every family has those of course.

The Carmarthenshire Family

As much as we enjoy interacting with out family, we enjoy talking about them to others. Even complete strangers. Hence this site. Each on of those educational, funny and weird stories has a place, and we believe our Carmarthenshire Family History Society website is it.